Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday-Low Point WW Snack

Well, it's another Works for Me Wednesday and today I thought I share my latest snack attack food.

I'm "doing" Weight Watchers- I put it in quotes because I do it at home, on my own and not through meetings. Anyway, I do love me some snacks and this is my latest find. I've eaten the 100 cal. Oreos for awhile- I usually crush them and mix them with fat free or lite cool whip. But oh I've found a new way to eat them.
Crushed and mixed with the new Weight Watchers White Chocolate Cheesecake 1 pt. yogurt!
YUMMY! You've got to try it.
P.S. I LOVE their Key Lime Pie yogurt too. Mix that with a little bit of ff or lite cool whip, crushed 100 cal graham crackers and stick in the freezer for a little while- instant key lime "pie".
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Meshellyn said...

Yum-O! I will have to try that one! I'm always looking for healthier alternatives to snacks, as I can not go a day without one or two... or three...


Robin said...

This is the whole premise I base "kid's meals are diet food"...just b/c of portion size. I never thought about mixing the cookies w/Cool Whip or yogurt...great idea!


mom_of2boys said...

Yummy! I might have to try that to liven up my yogurt! I'm also doing the WW program at home on my own.