Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday- iPhone

Oh, this tackle has been fun, fun, fun!!!

On Thursday I traded in my Verizon Voyager for an iPhone!

Love it, Love it, Love it!

What a fun toy piece of communication technology!!

I'm tackling learning all of the neat things it will do!!

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Lynne said...

Cool! My niece & nephew each have one and they love it. Have fun tackling!

feefifoto said...

I want one of those. I think I might finally be ready to trade the Palm and the phone for one piece of technology. I'm tired of shlepping so many objects.

Karen said...

Cool beans! Have fun. My daughter, Lynne's niece, has one and it is so cool.

Gray Matters said...

I must say I'm a little jealous. My husband doesn't want to buy me one because I always forget to carry the one I have with me!

Rick Rack Attack said...

My kids did not believe me when I told them that I did not have a cell phone as a kid. I had a big black rotary dial phone that was nailed to the wall & it was a party line! I'm only 37... why do my kids think I'm sooooooo old??!!

Confessions of an Apron Queen: http://anapronaday.blogspot.com

P.S. Please tell me I'm not really old. I can text message 2 words in 10 minutes flat!!!!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

oooh, I'm jealous, although if I had one I'd never get anything done!!

Zen Master said...

That sounds like a fun tackle.

Good Luck!