Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nintendo Wii-Free

So, do you have one of these yet? Santa we got the boys one for Christmas and it is so much fun. I even use it for my workouts sometimes. The boxing game is a killer. All 4 of us enjoy the bowling. And it’s fun to do the fitness age test to see how old young you are. I’ve ranged everywhere from 28 to 65. I think it all depends on what sports you end up being tested on. I’m terrible at golf and one of the tennis games. The boys really enjoy playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. And we even have a trivia game that we play. They have several of these types of games.

What I like best about the Wii is that it’s interactive. While you don’t really have to move all that much to play, you CAN move a lot. It helps you to get up off the couch and get moving. I think that later this year or maybe next year they are even coming out with Wii Fitness. Now that will be fun!

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