Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

Good golly Miss Molly- I've got so much stuff rattling around in my little ole brain right now I just don't know which to write about first. So this post will be just some ramblings.

First of all-
I've switched over to the dark side!

I got my hair cut on Tuesday-went to a new salon- my goodness they gave me a scalp, temple and shoulder massage before cutting my hair. It was awesome. Then I came home and on Thursday I colored my hair. Let's just say my hair SOAKS up color. This color is supposed to be Medium Golden Brown- looks pretty dark reddish brown to me!

This morning I decided the bangs needed cutting so I tackled those. Here is the before (before the initial cut) and the after (after color and bang trim):

Ohnotheydihunt (or how every you'd spell it):
I walked into Target the other day and what did they have displayed front and center in the women's department-----SWIMSUITS! Do these people not know that it's on January?? Anyway, even though it was the scariest thing I've done in a while, I ventured in to look at the suits. Ended up getting two tops. Luckily I'm sure I'll be able to find bottoms to match them later. Up until this year I was still wearing bikinis but I've decided my 40 year old body should not be put into those suits any longer and I shouldn't force others to be subjected to that look! LOL. So here are the tankini tops that I bought!

Aren't they adorable:

The kiddos were playing around with my camera the other day and decided they needed to take pictures of themselves for ID cards for the fort they are building in our woods. Here are the boys pictures that they took:

Well enough-I guess I've emptied my brain for the day! Come back soon- who knows what I'll post about next!!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I've been thinking the same thing about all the swimsuits and summer clothes out. Especially up here where it is going be below 60 for at least 3 months!

Scott said...

Thanks for the counsel for a cleaner kids' bathroom.
Hair's looking good.
And can how much does membership cost for the Fort?

Katrina said...

Your hair looks great. And I LOVE the pictures of the boys. Camden always wants me to take pictures of him looking "tough" or "serious." :) And I'm not even thinking about swimsuits...ugh!