Sunday, January 13, 2008

Monday- 1/14/08

Today I'm starting a new Monday posting- as you can see it's called Monday Meanderings. I really like the idea of this because I feel like it will help set me up for my week and allow me (and anyone else who reads the post) to hold myself accountable to what I say I'm going to do this week!

To get a better description you can head over to Tiany's site and read her explanation. And you can read other's Monday Meanderings here:

My 5 focal points will be:

Bible Study/Devotions
Menu Planning Monday
Must Do

Bible Study/Devotions- On Jan. 2nd I began a new Bible Study- It's Reading the Bible in 90 Days. Yes, that's right-I'm reading the Bible all the way through in 90 days! It's really going well. I plan to write more about it later this week. My readings this week will be Numbers 32:20 - 1Samuel 2:29.

Menu Planning Monday-

Monday-Poppy Seed Chicken

Wednesday-Meatball Muffins

Head over to Laura's site to see more menus!

Must Do:
Take the boys to their well visits
Get Control Journal Set Up
Pay Property Taxes
Get Desk/Office area straightened and organized
Start Control Journal

Zone 3-Bathroom and one other room (this week will be the office)

This week I will be deciding on which Bible Study to sign up for through our church. Please keep me in your prayers as I make this decision. I want to choose the one that will most benefit my life with Christ at this time.

Overall, just a week filled with organizing, organizing and more organizing. But I have to remember as FlyLady says my house did not become unorganized in a week and I can't get it organized in a week!!

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