Saturday, January 19, 2008

In Loving Memory

Sometimes it sure feels like God breaks our hearts doesn't it. Well, at least I know I feel that way sometimes. Bad things happen and we just don't know how to deal with them.

Today my young nephew and his wife lost their second baby. She was not able to carry either to term. She lost Carson Lee when she was 17 weeks pregnant and today she lost Kyleigh Marie at 19 weeks.

It is so hard to understand why these things happen. Why would God allow someone to go through such tragedy.

Well, tonight I felt God speaking to me and I wrote this poem in memory of my great nephew and great niece- who I have never met, but because of God's wonderful love I will meet one day in Heaven!

God brought another angel into heaven with Him today,
He opened His sweet arms in love and said, “Precious one, come this way”.

In His left hand, he held this angel, in His right hand He held another,
And with His love He introduced the tiny angel to her big brother.

The older brother said “come with me and I’ll show you this wonderful place”,
But first he asked God to do one thing, “Wipe the tears from my parents face.”

“Make sure they know we’re safe in heaven, we are in God’s loving hand,
I know that they have questions and that they do not understand.”

“Help them to turn to you dear Lord, to keep their eyes focused above”,
And then one precious angel led another through the gates of Love.

Two angels live in heaven now and look down upon us here,
And God says to remind us, they are His now, do not fear.

God brought another angel into heaven with Him today,
And in His loving guidance let her brother lead the way.

In loving memory of Carson Lee and Kyleigh Marie


boo35 said...

that is beautiful and so special. it may not give them the comfort they are searching for at the moment but it shows that kayleigh is not alone. she is with god and her brother..... thank you for sharing and my thoughts are with you all.

Brea said...

Oh Beth, I'm SO sorry to hear this. Your poem was beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes. I'll be praying for them.

Katrina said...

I'm praying for your nephew and his wife. I can't imagine going through this even once, let alone twice. My heart goes out to them.

Robin said...

How beautiful to write your heart in the lines of this poem; somehow, it helps in the healing process, I think.

This always grieves my heart to hear stories like this, I know it's a difficult road to walk. My prayers join them (and you).

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Oh that's beautiful. I am praying for them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth, your words were so beautiful and comforting!! But then again, I'm not surprised coming from such a beautiful person!!