Saturday, January 19, 2008

90 Days


Um, what can a person do in 90 days?

Well, I did some searching on the Internet and here are a few things I discovered:

They say that it takes 30 days to create a new habit- so you could either create 3 new habits or get three times as good at one habit.

Or you know a lot of things come with a 90 day warranty- do you could use the product for 90 day worry free, or not pay for a product for 90 days- but be sure to hold on to that receipt for at least 90 days or you can't return it.

I discovered that after 90 days of Sobriety you get a 90 day chip (and well deserved if you ask me)Photobucket

I've been trying to find a Work from home job and one on the Internet promises riches in just 90 days-gosh, in only 90 days- why did I waste going to school all those years???

And by golly, according to this story- you can lose 41 pounds in only 90 days (if you strap a keyboard to your stationary bike and play a computer game).

But for me- none of these are nearly as significant as what I am going to do in 90 days. I've joined a group of about 35 other women who have committed to reading the Bible through in 90 Days.Photobucket Yes, you read correctly- we have committed to read the entire Bible in 90 Days.

Here is how I became involved with this wonderful challenge. I was reading one of my favorite blogs one day, Boomama, and she mentioned that her friend Lori was hosting a cyber Bible Study. Well, I had been really feeling a need to get into some type of Bible Study so I jumped or rather linked right over to check it out. As soon as I saw the study was I became a bit intimidated but the more I read about it the more enthused I became. Reading the Bible all the way through was something I had tried to do before but had never accomplished. But to read it through in 90 days- wow what a challenge- but what grabbed me the most was that I was going to be held accountable for my commitment.

So here I am 17 days into the study and I'm now up to the book of Judges- now I'm a little behind but will catch up on it all by tomorrow. But can you believe it? I have read through 6 books of the Bible already!

And let me tell you something! I have been amazed at what I'm reading. No, all these Bible stories aren't new to me. I grew up in the church. We were pretty much at church any time the doors were open (and sometimes when they weren't because my parents had keys to the church). I grew up reading the Bible, hearing all of the Bible stories and being taught all about what the Bible says. But this time around- I'm seeing and hearing and feeling what the Bible says. I'm picking up things that I never even noticed before- did you know that God almost killed Moses before he even got to Egypt to set the Lord's people free. Nope, neither did I.

Not only am I reading and discovering all these new things- but I'm going through and writing things down, and researching to find out more. I'm questioning things and having God provide answers. It's amazing to me! By golly- I'm actually growing as a Christian!

It is amazing to me how the Lord is working in my life right now. I want to share it all with you, but I'll save that for more posts this week. Just know that I am committed to reading the Bible in 90 days and I'm betting that the Lord is going to create a lot of new habits in my life during that time (maybe even more than 3).

If YOU decide that you want to read the Bible through in 90 days (or if you are already doing so) feel free to use this button and post it on your blog. I say- be proud of what you are accomplishing!!!


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