Thursday, January 17, 2008

I wanna Rock and Roll All Night

KISS i wanna rock in roll all night

Who hoo! We are totally jammin' in SC! The boys pulled all of their Christmas moola plus some they had saved and Mark used some of his birthday money and they bought RockBand.

Have you guys ever seen or even used this game-or whatever you'd call it? It is so much fun! Up to 4 people can participate although you have to purchase an extra guitar for the 4th person to play. One person plays a guitar, another plays the drums and the third sings. It is great.

But there is one drawback- when you family has virtually NO RHYTHM it makes it a little difficult. I'm not saying I am musically inclined but I do have the most rhythm of anyone else in this household and when I play with the boys and I'm trying desperately to stay on the beat and they- well aren't- it's gets a little scary!

But we're enjoying it!

Rock on dude!!

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