Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ya win some, Ya lose some!

Well, we lost them all! Today was Mark's first tournament with his travel team. We honestly weren't expecting much because the kids have only been practicing for about 5 weeks and the rules at this level are so different. Then to top if off we played the #1 team from SC and then the #1 team from NC all in one day. They are both in the same age group that we are but they've been playing together for about 2 years. The guys held up pretty good and I think they learned a lot. I know the parents learned a lot. The rules are new to us too. We've all got a long way to go!!

Tomorrow should be a better day. We play a team that is also just starting out. Win or lose we get a medal- how cool is that- because we'll either come in 1st or 2nd! Just can't beat that on your first outing!!!

Here's Mark at bat! And out in the field.

My boys after the games- even little brother is worn out!!

We're really excited about this new adventure! It's baseball all the way now!!!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I love the picture of them sleeping. Too cute. That's the truth about the parents learning as much as the kids.

Katrina said...

I like that last picture too. Very cute!