Thursday, June 14, 2007

My First Ever Thursday Thirteen

I saw that Everyday Mommy posted her first ever Thursday Thirteen so I thought I'd give it a try to. Here's mine:

Thirteen reason I love my new front porch:

1. Quiet nights listening to the tree frogs and other night animals.

2. Rocking in my new rockers

3. enjoying a little time away in my own little world

4. Listening to the subtle sound of windchimes

5. experiencing the last few chances for cool spring evenings

6. falling asleep while reading in the comfy chairs

7. watching the kids run around the house and enjoying their laughter

8. a quiet place for my Quiet Time

9. An escape from reality from time to time

10. A new place to think while I'm blogging

11. a feeling of peace washing over me

12. the sight of LOTS of cleats and sneakers as a sign of lots of fun

13. knowing that just behind me sits a little friend (ok- not a reason I enjoy the porch but this little friend was here tonight!!


Katrina said...

Oh, the porch looks so wonderful and inviting! Love the rockers, too.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

When we moved here, I loved my porch for all those reasons. I love sitting out there in the summer.