Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

Yes, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday I posted about what a tough outing my sons baseball team had at their first tournament. Today went better- can you tell by the looks on their faces??

It wasn't easy though. They were playing in a best two out of three tournament. The other team came out and beat us the first game. The boys were frustrated, but when they found out that it was the others teams first win in TWO years they became VERY frustrated. They came out in the next game more determined than ever and it paid off. They won 17-o. So we're tied and have to play a third game-nothing like being in the heat all day at the ball field. I think we might have come out a bit too cocky and it wasn't such an easy win the last game- but they held on and really worked together as a team and won! It was a long, hot, tough day for everyone. The parents were sweating it out right along with the kids-both literally and figuratively.

As I started typing this post I realized how much this whole story reminded me of my own life. Yes, a day can make a world of difference. I can have such a hard day- nothing goes right, the kids aren't listening at all, my temper is flaring and I'm struggling trying to do it all on my own and my way. I'm down on myself thinking I'm the worst mom in the world. Then the next day, I realize it's a team effort. I can't do it alone- I've got to rely on God to help me through it. Things go better, I become more confident and it's smooth sailing (well as smooth as can be expected)-until I get cocky again and think I can handle it all-then life smacks me in the face and I get a reality check. I can't do it on my own. Not only are my choices going to affect me-but they are going to affect those around me-just like all the spectators at the games today. So yes, a day can make a difference but the difference really has to start with me!!


Katrina said...

Good for the team, for hanging in there and giving it their all! And I love your analogy -- that's so true in my life, as well.

Lori said...

Beth - I LOVE the team picture - that is so cute!

Every day is a new day - praise the Lord!