Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Word, Verse and Song for 2015

I had a really hard time deciding on my One Word for this year. I prayed about it and asked God to show me what He wanted me to focus on this year. I kept thinking I knew what my word was going to be but it just didn't seem right. I even pulled up the old thesaurus and tried to find a word that was close to the one I thought I was meant to use- but still it just wasn't right. Then all of a sudden there is was- Intentional!  I realized that God wanted me to be intentional in 2015!

Intentional? Be intentional about what?  About my relationship with Christ, about my relationship with Lewis, about my family, about my responsibilities in my home, about my responsibilities as a leader in P31 OBS, about my responsibilities in my job.

Yes, it's a LOT to be intentional but I've done my best to prioritize.  I tend to forget things, Lewis or the boys will ask me to do something and I'll say I'll do it but 9 times out of 10 I'll forget until they remind me and then way too often I STILL forget to do whatever it is they asked.  And usually it's something important.  Yes, I need to learn to be more intentional.

What will that mean for me in 2015?  Honestly, I'm not really sure but I'm guessing I'll be using my reminder app, my calendar, and sticky notes WAY more often. Or maybe, it will consist of doing things right away when asked instead of putting things off.  I am SO bad about procrastinating that its really quite sad. And distractions- well, let's just say there are lots of them that well, distract me.  I KNOW this is an issue that I need to work on and I know that it's not something I can do on my own.

I found a really cool website that has some video lessons on living an intentional life and I'm pretty sure I'll be listening to them over and over. I've already listened once and they were great.  

My household responsibilities- well there are so many areas I need to work on there.  But I think I'll start small because I believe if I start on the small things there will be way fewer big things to take care of. So, that means cleaning off my desk and cleaning out our files. 

My relationship with Lewis- I just finished reading What's it Like to be Married to Me (thanks for the recommendation Nicki) and boy do my toes hurt from being stepped on.  You would think that it after almost 25 years I'd have this marriage thing figured out.  I see so much of myself in this book and on one hand it makes me very sad but on the other it encourages me to know that it is not to late to make changes. I also read The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts  , another great book that was very eye opening. I want to be intentional about focusing on Lewis' love language. It doesn't do him any good if I'm trying to "fill his tank" with what makes me feel loved!  

So, there are LOTS of things that I need to be intentional about and as I think about them I'm directed to my new verse for 2015-

And there is just something about the song Thrive by Casting Crowns that makes me think about being intentional and living an intentional life. So, that's my song for 2015.

Do you have a word, verse and or song for 2015?  If so, I'd love for you to share about it!