Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trying Something New

Today I started something new with the boys. They each have a little journal that was given out by Army recruiters somewhere- maybe when we were in Baltimore. Anyway, they are very "boyish" looking and have been laying around forever.

Today as I was straightening up their rooms (actually just piling their stuff on their beds so THEY can put everything up) I decided to put those journals to use.

I wrote a short note to each of them. Telling them I love them and then something positive. I told Luke how great it has been that he is getting up on his own with his alarm clock every school day. And how much I appreciate his good attitude (believe me mornings used to be UGLY around here). For Mark I wrote about how great I think he is handling the transition into middle school and how proud I am of him for dealing with all of the changes in such a positive manner.

Then I wrote in each that if they ever have any questions or anything they want to talk to me or Lewis about they can write about it in the journal and put it under our pillows. We'll write back and put it under their pillows. They are each sitting on their pillows now.

I hope this works. I'm sure it's tough for boys to come right out in the open about certain situations, so maybe they'll feel more at ease writing it instead of saying it. We'll see!

Anything to keep the lines of communication open.

Thanks to Julie from The Diva Cast for the idea!!!

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Smelling Coffee said...

Great idea! I love that idea. I hope you'll share with us if it works. I might just try it, too. :-)