Monday, September 29, 2008

Our God is an Awesome God!

Man oh man. What a weekend I had. I spent part of Friday, all day Saturday and most of Sunday with a group of amazing women!

Our church held a women's retreat in the beautiful NC mountains. Our topic was prayer and let me tell you I did a lot of it. Our speaker was amazing. And what was even more amazing was the story we heard from our guest speaker, Valinda Miracle. If I had a lifetime of years I don't think I could put into words the blessings we received from hearing her testimony. This woman has a story that will touch your heart in so many places there won't be a single crevice left untouched!

And then, to end an awesome weekend I was given two wonderful gifts.

  1. My middle school son Mark and I had a wonderful conversation on the way home from youth group. We just talked- not about anything specific- we just talked.
  2. I walked up the stairs as Lewis was in Luke's room getting ready to tuck him in (he's my fifth grader). As I ascended the stairs- I hear in stereo the two of them saying the Lord's Prayer together as Luke's goodnight prayer.

Yes, our God is an awesome God!!


Shelly W said...

Hi Beth! I just popped on over to say thanks for your comment on Inspired Bliss!! I appreciate it!

Christine said...

Her last name is Miracle? Interesting. I like how you can recognize that your sons praying is truly a gift.