Monday, July 14, 2008

I feel the love!

Ever wonder how much your family loves you? I started thinking about this the other day because Lewis made a really loving comment to me in the truck on the way to a baseball game.

He told me that he'd cut Luke's finger nails that afternoon (only the right hand, Luke had done his own left hand). I asked if he'd cut his toenails too- the answer- "No, and you know if anything were to ever happened to you I'd have to find another Mama for the boys right away because I just can't do some of those things".

This made me stop and think of all of those precious times when my family let me know how much they love me and how much they need me. Here are a few examples:

After I re-painted the boys bathroom shortly after moving into this house I ordered a new shower curtain. It was a Tarheel shower curtain. I didn't tell the boys I'd ordered it so when it arrived in the mail I was excited about showing it to them. When Mark saw it he gave me a huge hug and said "you're the best mom in the whole world"! Who knew a shower curtain could lift me to such a lofty appointment!

One day I took the boys to Target to let them spend some of their Christmas and birthday money that they'd saved up. I can't even remember what they wanted to buy but they were a little short on funds so I told them I'd make up the difference. Glory hallelujah- the excitement and "I love you Mom"'s that came from that exchange were unbelievable.

And of course there are those times when I join right in on all of the "male" contests activities going on in the household- yes- often I can burp and do other things just as loud and obnoxiously as they can- and Lewis will tell the boys "that's why I love your Mama". or "you gotta love a Mama that can do that".

Goodness- it's no wonder I feel so loved!!!


Katrina said...

Aw, that's very sweet. I love how it's often those little things (like shower curtains) bring out the joy and gratitude!

Elsha said...

So you can belch with the best of them, eh?


Must feel good!!!!