Monday, June 2, 2008

Need Some Grillin' Ideas

Summer time, Summer time, sum sum Summer time!!!

I am so excited that it's summer time- time to get the grill going. Ok, actually we've been grilling some already but I'm already tired of the same ole' same ole'.

So, I'm asking, no I'm beggin' - give me your grilling ideas! We do a lot of chicken (always looking for new ideas for this), burgers (grilled turkey burgers for myself last week- they were ok, but not great), sausages etc.

We are pretty basic here- so none of those fancy dancy recipes please!! hee hee!!

Can't wait to see what you guys share!


jodi said...

Ya know, Beth, we've totally gotten into fish this year. Hubby and I like it different and it's easy to fix fillets however you want them. I brush olive oil on them with some sea salt, then on his I'll do some cajun seasoning or lemon pepper. For mine I like them Italian style, with basil, oregano, and some parmesan cheese. Toss some fresh veggies with olive oil and seasoning salt, and you can heat them right next to the fish.

Works for us! :)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

One of my favorite marinades (good for chicken or beef) is a mixture of half lime juice and half soy sauce. You can let the stuff soak a while.

We also love shish-kabobs on the grill.

Christine said...

My best tip is to do a bunch of meat all at one time, like on Sunday, and use it throughout the week: chicken, dogs, brats, burgers...a good variety.