Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where have all the manners gone?

Please and Thank You

Or maybe I should ask- where have all the GOOD manners gone because there are plenty of bad manners out there!

What has happened to the days when children showed respect to their elders? Yes, I said elders- meaning myself, because I believe to a kid I'm an elder. (oh, I shutter at that thought a little).

Today I worked at the boys school helping with the end of year testing. The kids had their writing portion of the test today and could use a dictionary if they needed. They were instructed to raise their hand if they needed a dictionary and either I or the teacher would bring one to them. I swear I handed out 15 dictionaries and I received ONE "Thank you". What is up with that? Is it really that hard to say those two simple words?

And while I'm on a rampage- what has happened to "yes ma'am and no ma'am" "yes sir and no sir" Good golly miss molly! That sure shows respect in my book. That is one thing we are big sticklers about in this household! Even if I have to gently remind the boys to say it after I get a "yeah" from them-they will say it. And my gentle reminder isn't so gentle sometimes.

I can not tell you the number of times I have been sitting at a ball game and I hear one of the kids yell out of the dug out- "Mom, get me a drink!" No "please" and certainly no "thank you" after Mom has quickly jumped up and either gone to the cooler that she or Dad lovingly packed that morning with ice cold drinks for their youngster or after they have gotten up and walked to the concession stand and spent their money to buy a drink. Good gracious- how hard is it to teach your child to show some manners?

Many a time I have honestly sat right there by the parent whose child has just yelled (and notice I'm not saying asked- I'm saying yelled) for their parent to get them a drink, or some sunflower seeds or whatever and I have looked right at that child and said- "PLEASE???" letting them know that they should have asked and said please when they asked. The parents just typically laugh which ticks me off even more!

Come on, and we wonder what is wrong with America today!? Let's get it together parents and teach our children to be respectful. It's not that hard, I promise. I'll even ask nicely- can you PLEASE teach your child some manners!!!

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Katrina said...

I agree, Beth, that manners are sadly lacking in our society today. To be honest, we don't do yes/no ma'am/sir here (I think maybe we Northerners never caught on to that), but the whole Please and Thank You are absolutely mandatory. "Please" was Logan's first word that he said without prompting, so I guess I was pushing it pretty hard with him. :)