Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday- Purse and Purse Organizer

Nope, I didn't clean out my purse as a tackle. I made one!
I've started sewing and here is a small purse that I made on Sunday.
This is all of the stuff that is inside the purse. (cat not included)

Also, you can go here to see the purse organizer I made that you see in the picture. Perfect for purses that don't have pockets- plus when you want to change purses you can just take the organizer out and stick it right in your next purse.

My plan is to start selling these soon. I have lots of different patterns for purses/tote bags. May try diaper bags as well.
Head over to 5 Minutes for Moms to see lots more tackles!!!


Gray Matters said...

That's great - let me know when you do a diaper bag organizer insert - it will be awhile before I'm able to carry an actual purse again. Great job!

Marcia said...

well done - I love your tackle since I'm a bagoholic myself :)

Terri H said...

Nice job. I could use one of those.

corrin said...

it's amazing what we can fit into a purse, isn't it?

Q&Q said...

That's pretty cute! I love the insert. Thanks for stopping by!