Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SkinnySongs CD


A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from a marketing company asking me if I would review a new music CD- Skinny Songs. The title had me intrigued so I kept reading. Here is how the e-mail described the CD:

"SkinnySongs is not about dieting, and is not "workout music." Instead, SkinnySongs is the first radio-hit-quality music specifically written to empower and inspire people to reach their weight and fitness goals. While some people listen to it while exercising or walking, others find it helps to listen to SkinnySongs even when driving or cooking — to get through rough days and strengthen their resolve to reach their goals."

I liked the sound of that. I love listening to great music while I workout or while I’m doing housework, or whatever. I kept reading and found out more about the woman that came up with this idea.

Penned by Roizen herself, the songs reflect her personal journey. Roizen writes:"About seven months ago I hit an all time high, I had gone from a size 8 to a size 14. Facing my 50th birthday, I did not want to enter the 'back half' not feeling good about myself, and at an unhealthy weight. Since music has always been a motivator to me, it occurred to me that maybe there would be great songs I could listen to while walking, or even in my car, that wouldmotivate me to succeed,
much in the way 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor got many of us through a breakup. I couldn't find any, so I wrote SkinnySongs."

I liked the sound of that even more. Here was someone that had “been there and done that” not someone that was just writing music about it. This was written by someone that had lived through it-she’d been in the trenches.

I received the CD the other day and immediately downloaded it to my iPod. I'll admit, at first I wasn't so sure about the CD as a whole. But the more I listen to it, the more it's growing on me. What a pleasant surprise. This is a great CD. Now the lyrics may not be completely “politically correct” but they are fun and somewhat truthful. Many people that are trying to lose weight or have lost weight have probably thought many of these same thoughts.

Here’s an example of some of the lyrics:

Use It To Lose It
That’s it now, get off your duff
No more fat, we have had enough
Gotta do a little huff and puffs
o that you can strutt your stuff
We’re in a feel good revolution
You just need some evolution
To improve your constitution
Get a move on! That’s the solution!
You got to use it, to lose it.
You got to use it, to lose it
You got to use it, to lose it.
You got to use it, to lose it

You Da Boss
Yo, I need to talk to you
Before you go and mess it up
I gotta call it like I see it
So y’all now listen up

This is your conscience talking
This is your conscience talking
And I know just whatcha feelin’
I know with whatcha dealin’

But you don’t need that piece of pie
Gotta let it go and pass you by
and I’m here to remind you why
‘cause you want to be lookin’ and feelin’ fly

You Da Boss, You Da Boss, yeah
You rate, hey hey, you rate hey hey
You Da Boss, You Da Boss, yeah
You rate, hey hey, you rate hey hey
Say You Da Boss!

Well, they’ll certainly make you think! You can read the story behind the lyrics here.

You can listen to samples here:

Song titles include:

The song list is as follows:
1. Skinny Jeans
2. Thin!
3. I'm a Hottie Now
4. Use It To Lose It
5. Incredible Shrinking Woman
6. Think I'll Go To Saks
7. You Da Boss
8. Objects In The Mirror
9. Who The H*** Is That?
10. Blowin' You Off at 8

It’s a well produced CD. The music quality is great, the vocals are awesome and it definitely is something to get you moving.


Katrina said...

Hmm... Interesting. (...says Katrina as she eats some M&M's)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I got this one too, and I also liked it more than I thought I would!

Marli said...

Great work.