Tuesday, January 1, 2008

T'was the Week After Christmas

T'was the Week After Christmas

T'was the week after Christmas and all through the home,
Every creature was stirring except for the Mom.

The stockings were packed up, the candy all eaten,
the games had been played and sore losers had been beaten.

The children were begging, "Please take us to shop",
to spend all of their money, most likely in one stop.

And Papa, he's sleeping all snug in his chair,
There are piles of stuff everywhere but he doesn't seem to care.

When from the office a familiar noise sounded,
I jumped from the couch and to the office I bounded.

Straight to the computer I headed so quick,
I knew in a second which button I'd click.

The screen shown so brightly it urged me to read it,
With so much interesting info I knew I needed to sit.

When what to my astonished eyes should download,
but tons of new posts I was in blog reading mode.

With so many bloggers I knew not where to begin,
it could take days, no weeks to ever get to the end.

More quickly than DSL and faster than cable modem,
I was so excited to get started, I just wanted to read 'em.

First Boomama or Big Mama, oh who to read first,
Snapshot or Lori's Comfort Zone, oh my head might just burst.

and that Organized Junkie has helped in so many ways.

As I scrolled through my favorites and my pulse rate got higher,
maybe Don't Try This At Home or one of the site of Rocks in My Dryer.

Maybe I'd check out my friend over at Fruit Inspection,
And before reading It Coulda' Been Worse I'd need Depends for Protection.

So much information on this alone I could thrive.

As I held on to the mouse and continued to scroll,
my vision started to grow fuzzy my eyes started to roll.

Maybe I'd go take a look at Overwhelmed with Joy,
or I Should Be Folding Laundry She never is coy.

On Tales from the Scales there are some great issues,
reading the success stories I needed some tissues.

From reading BooMama a new challenge I found,
I'm doing a Bible Study through Rattling Around.

Oh the reading continued I'd missed everyone so much,
A few days of your not posting and I felt out of touch.

I needed to choose, to decide where to begin,
then I started to think- was spending all this time reading a sin?

I needed to do better, I may be addicted you see,
I can't live on this computer or my family may disown me.

So I'll continue to read all of these blogs and write posts of my own,
but my number one priorities will be my family and home.

So I close with these words, you guys are all great,
Thanks to you all for your encouraging words, laughter and tears!!!
God Bless you all in 2008!!!


Org Junkie said...

WOW! This was so very clever and cute, totally cracked me up! I have a small addiction too :)

Love it!

Brea said...

Too cute! You are so creative!!! :) I love it!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

This was SO cute!!

I thought about that Bible study, but it was already closed. I probably couldn't have done it with my other commitments for this Spring.

Let me know how you like it.

Lori said...

Beth - this is SO very creative and fun! Too bad you listed me and I haven't even posted anything in so long. Let's hope my 2008 gets me back in the blogging mood!

Happy New Year Friend!

jodi said...

This is SOOOO cute! I can't believe I've only just now had a chance to read it! (I guess I've changed my priorities a little bit too!) :)

Happy New Year!