Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm Flying!!

Well, I'm doing it again! I'm "TRYING" to FLY again! Ever heard of FlyLady? It's actually a really good site and they have lots of great info for getting your house in order and KEEPING IT THAT WAY! Of course the initial getting it in order part is hard enough. But I've decided that I've got to do something.

Since we moved into this house in May I've kind of had a hard time keeping up. Not with major stuff. I mean the house is "clean enough". I wouldn't be embarrassed to have someone drop by for a visit. Unless they decided to check out the corners and found all of those pesky little cobwebs. Or if they decided to check in my bathroom and found how my towels seem to leave a purple fuzz over the entire room, or that half of my hair ends up on the floor every darn day!!!

But overall, it's clean- well, except for my desk which it appears can only be clean for a maximum of 10 minutes before papers start multiplying again! It's actually rather scary!

I signed up for FlyLady twice before. Once when my kids were much smaller and life in general was overwhelming. Trying to keep up with which Zone I was supposed to be cleaning which week just became a bit too much. The other time, well let's just say that I did more crashing than flying!

So this time I am determined to get it in gear and keep up with everything. Right now I'm still just getting my feet wet again and trying to get my daily and weekly schedules set. I want to start trying to sell Ebay from my home for others so I know I've got to get organized and get my act together before I can even think about starting that adventure.

If you want to find out more about FlyLady take a buzz over to her website and read about it. But be warned, if you sign up you'll receive a TON and I do mean a TON of e-mails (reminders, information about what you should be doing that week, tesitmonials, etc). That's why I set up a completely seperate e-mail account just for FlyLady.

Time to go shine my sink! If you go to the website you'll understand!!! LOL


Katrina said...

Sounds good Beth. I've tried flying a couple times, but didn't stick with it long-term. I think it's a great system...I guess I just wasn't fully committed. Good luck!

sandy said...

Hi, I came over from tales from the scales. I'm a fly baby also. My Gf also got be Body Clutter for Xmas. I'm half way through it. So far it is the only weight loss book I have ever read. Isn't FlyLady great.
Blessings Sandy