Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buying Jeans??!!??

I don't know about you but I HATE yes HATE buying jeans. I'm a pretty curvy girl! I have "real" hips and a "real" rear and "chunky" thighs. Top that off with a smaller waist and it's a "gap" waiting to happen.

When I finally find jeans that will fit over my hips and rear end and not make my thighs look like sausages then I have a gap a mile wide in the waist. It I buy jeans to fit my waist- well that doesn't happen often because if there gonna fit my waist- they won't even go over my hips!

I have actually found a few pair that fit pretty good- Sonoma Jeans being one style.

But imagine my surprise when I was visiting 5 Minutes for Mom today and saw they were having a give away from TrueJeans. That's right TrueJeans!!! You give them your measurements and they chose the best fit for you!!! If I win I'd love to see if they can get them to fit my curves!!!

Here is what they selected for me!!

If only I actually looked like that in any pair of jeans!!!!!

Hop on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and check out the giveaway yourself.


Karla E said...

Beth, I couldn't get the TruJeans thing to recommend anything that looked like it would fit me. You know I'm way curvier than you and I just found the PERFECT jean. They are Levi's 519s (I think...I'll correct that number if I'm wrong). Because they come in SHORT (which I am) they work for me. They sit just a little below my waist, which seems to work better for us curvy girls. And they are boot cut, which I LOVE. I found them at Macy's

Mama Bear June said...

It's a challenge for me, too. I have a very long torso and don't like pants hanging on my hips.

Not sure what size you wear but if it's 14+, Lane Bryant has some "Right fit" jeans. One style for women with no more than a couple inches difference between waist and hips, one style for 3-8 inches and another style for even more inches between waist and hips - in other words, for curvy women. Some were stretch, some boot cut. (And they look kind of like the picture you posted.)

Karla E said...

Beth, They are 515s from Levi's...just checked when I got home. LOVE them...I bought two pairs, different rinses.