Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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Can you guess what today is??? Yep, it's Works for me Wednesday- backward edition. Today posters get to ask a question instead of giving advice. So here's my question.

I am desperately trying to find something to do to work from home- or perhaps a few hours outside of a day. I'd much rather work from home (who wouldn't).

So all of you savvy readers-PLEASE give me some good advice. DH wants me to become a day trader but man, that just makes me so nervous!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my purse! hee hee


Elizabeth said...

I started my own dog training business five years ago, and it fits in beautifully with having a toddler. Most lessons are evenings and weekends, but I trade babysitting with a friend for daytime lessons. I know that dog training takes a lot of experience, but pet sitting doesn't (as long as you like animals) and you can enlist your kids to help. Good luck!

Laura said...

Check out homeschool websites. Often times, they will have some WAHM positions open to grade papers, etc.

Mary said...

I just started my own home-based business this past June. I've already netted 2K. Check it out at This is an absolutely phenomenal machine. My husband and I are RUNNING with this!

CDMOM said...

A friend of mine works for I think you answer/take phone calls from clients of different companies in your home. Might be worth checking into.

In Light of the Truth... said...

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