Friday, November 23, 2007

Need some help- again!

My goodness- where has the time gone!? I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything. Boy am I glad I wasn't doing the "post everyday in November" thingy or I would have failed miserably!!

Here's a little of what has been going on. We had Thanksgiving here at our house this year. First Thanksgiving in the new house! It was great here. We had all of my family plus DH's Mom. The rest of his family lives in other states (you know Laura you guys could move closer!!). My brother brought his Wii and we had a great time playing it. My arms are killing me this morning from boxing. My Daddy told me that if he ever was in a bar fight (now mind you my Daddy has probably never even stepped foot in a bar) that he'd want me on his side!

We have a "leak" in the pipes under our new driveway extension. The people that added the extension busted a pipe the day they did it. Then they "fixed" the leak. Then had to come back and cut out part of the driveway and fix it again- then poured now concrete. And it started leaking again about 2 weeks ago but suddenly the dam broke on Wednesday. It was horrible. Here are a couple of pictures. We went out and looked at our water meter- it was literally spinning so fast you couldn't see it. I am terrified to see the water bill. So now I'm waiting here at home for the contractor to show up to start digging out the driveway so the plumber can come and repair the pipes. We've had to turn the water off so you can imagine the fun of having to run in and out to turn it on when it's necessary.

DH has take both boys and gone to his Mom's for the weekend to help her with some things at her house. So guess what- I have the house to myself until Sunday afternoon- it's now only Friday afternoon! What to do? What to do?? I'm sure I'll find something to occupy my time.

So, what's up with my title??? I need some help deciding what to wear to DH's work Christmas party. It's not formal but not casual either. Most of the ladies do wear pants so that's my plan but I'm not sure about the top. So I'm gonna let you guys help me decide!

Here are the two options! Let me know which you like best!!!

outfit 1

outfit 2

Thanks folks!!!


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Ugh. I just hate it when you hire someone to do a job and they make it WORSE!
I like outfit #1. :)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I'll go ahead and split the vote and say that I like the second one! I can't tell if one is dressier than the other, or what you need, but I think that white top is slimming on your hips.