Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Works for me Wednesday: Vitamins

First of all, two weeks ago for WFMW I posted here about Oxyclean and how well it works for me. Now take into consideration that the striped pants are practice pants so they've been worn many times. The solid ones are their game pants. This is with washing them with Oxyclean and Gain in my front loader. No scrubbing or soaking at all.





Now for this weeks WFMW. I TRY to take my vitamins every day-but for whatever reason there are many mornings that I just don't take them. I'm really not sure why. So I decided I really NEEDED to get into the habit of taking them everyday so here's what I did to make it easier. On Sunday night I fill up 5 medicine cups-you know the ones that come with NyQuil or Children's Tylenol- with my vitamins for each day. Now in the morning all I have to do is walk into the kitchen and pick up the cup and take them. I find this so much easier! I say- do what ever works!

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stacey said...

i use a pill sorter and prepare for the week. or i use my liquid vitamin for a quick swig!!

Laane said...

Do you really need so many vitamins?

I have a sorter for my meds.

When you take those with spaces for morning, lunch, dinner, and before bed, you can fill them for a month.

That way the bvitamins are less exposed to air and humidity.

Have a great week!

jodi said...

Love the idea for the vitamins. I can't seem to make it a habit either. But I am going to try your way and see if that helps! Thanks! :)