Sunday, August 5, 2007

Goals Update

Ok, so here's an update on the goals I set for myselft. Basically I bombed this week. Don't really know why- oh ok, I do know why- because I spent entirely too much time on this darn computer that's why!

So here's the breakdown:

1. Devotional time every morning- 4 out of 7 days

2. Devotional time with the boys every morning- 3 out of 7 days

3. Post a weekly Bible verse for the boys to memorize and one for DH and I to memorize on our bathroom mirrors- nope- nada- UGH!!

4. Drink at least 80 oz of water a day- 5 out of 7 days

5. No more than 2 glasses of sweet tea a week-blew this one- had 4 glasses total

6. Swish and Swipe all 3 bathrooms daily- ok, this got accomplished 2 days but only on two of the bathrooms

7. Swifer the my bathroom floors daily -2 out of 7

8. Swifer the kitchen floor daily-um, 1 out of 7

9. Spend some quality individual time with each of the boys at least once a week!- this didn't get done unless you can count taking Luke to the doctor as quality time!

10. Find more ways to show DH how thankful I am for all he does for me and our family- nope, didnt' do this either- and it was even our anniversary yesterday- dang, that's pathetic!!!

So, my goal this week is to meet at least 6 out of the 10 goals! Maybe I set my sights too high to start out- but I'm not giving up!!!


MB said...

you are doing a great job Beth! keep it up!

Katrina said...

There's a little phrase I repeat to myself when I feel like I'm not improving quickly enough: "it's all about progress, not perfection!" And you've definitely made progress! Good for you for posting your results and resolving to keep working at it!