Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yes, I can be a little Girlie!!!

So, usually I'm not girle at all! I don't have many items in my life that are pink and I don't usually own any of the hip girlie stuff! But that now changed-at least a little.

One of the baseball players parents gave me this Vera Bradely purse and wallet. I love them and I feel oh so cool carrying them!!

And then yesterday Hungry Girl had these adorable lunch totes for sale and I just HAD to get one!!
No I feel like a "real girl"- at least somewhat anyway!!!


MB said...

Beth- I just LOVE vera!!! i am sooo hooked on their stuff!

Photojenic said...

You won my comment contest!

Lori said...

Very cute - and most likely needed in that testosterone filled home of yours!

Homemom3 said...

hehe buying yourself a purse every now and again is a good thing. About a month ago I finally did, haven't owned one in 6 years. Granted I did have diaper bags but those just don't count.