Friday, June 29, 2007

The Heart of a Child

Isn't it amazing how children just "DO" things that come straight from their heart. Even that child that you thought you'd never survive while he was going through the terrible twos (which by the way my pediatrician said is not titled Terrible Twos because the kid is two it's because it lasts at least two years). Or even the child that on that one fateful day rolled his eyes at you and it took all the will power in your body not to slap those eyes into the back of his head (oh my did I really just say that)!

Anyway- my two boys are very loving children. They tell me they love me almost every time they walk out the door. When the call me on the intercom from upstairs to ask if it's ok to call a friend to come over, they'll say "Love you" before signing off. I bought a UNC shower curtain for their bathroom in the new house- when my oldest saw it, he gave me the biggest hug and told me I was the best Mom in the world- over a shower curtain! Who woulda thought!!!

I was using my husbands copy of The Message (thank you Katherine at Raising Five for your references to this version of the Bible) while doing my devotions this morning and found a card that my youngest had made for his Dad 2 years ago. It was colored so nicely, had a big "Thanks Dad" on the front - before opening it was wondered what in the world Dad had done to get the card- then I opened it- "Thanks for letting me ride my bike to school"!

Wow, why can't we all have the heart of a child and be thankful for the little things that others do for us. Why can't we stop and say "I love you" or "Thank you" without having to put so much "stuff" into it!!!

I want to have the heart of a child!!!


Lori said...

Beth - this was really relevant. Thank you for reminding me to work on having the "heart of a child."

Have a great weekend!

Katrina said...

Sweet post! A couple weeks ago, I granted a very simple request of Camden's and he gave me a big hug and kiss, a huge "thank you" and told me I was the best mom ever. All for a really little thing. I'm with you -- I want to be more like that!

Org Junkie said...

Isn't that the truth!!

We have kids similar ages except I have one extra one that is one. He is proving to not understand my need to tackle the piles today and keeps dumping everything on the floor! He's just gone down for his nap (finally) so I'd better get busy!!


jodi said...

That is so sweet. I love when I see that side of my kids too. Especially when some days I wonder if they will be pushing and hitting each other all the way into adulthood!!!

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

This was a sweet post! That's probably exactly what Jesus meant when He said to come to Him like little children.

That terrible two comment cracked me up! Now I get why going on 4 is hopefully the end! Wish I would have known that a year ago! :)

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I thought terrible twos was that they go through rough spots every two years...for all of childhood =)

I want to have a heart of a child, too. Great reminder - and save that card!!