Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Word, Verses and Song for 2014

Have you heard about My One Word- Change Your Life With Just One Word?  It is such a great book. The author challenges you to choose one word to focus on for an entire year.  I had a difficult time deciding what my word should be for 2014.  In the past I've chosen a word but I haven't really focused on it. In fact, I've pretty much forgotten about it within a month or so. I have a history of starting out with a bang and then falling behind or dropping out all together. I'm really not sure why I do this. Perhaps it's because I just don't feel like I have a real purpose for what I'm doing. Wait, what was that word?  PURPOSE!  Yes, that will be my word for the year.  No, I really didn't just have an epiphany and decide on that word. But man, it's a great word for me.  The dictionary defines the word this way:

  1. 1.
    the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
    "the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee"
    synonyms:motivemotivation, grounds, causeoccasionreasonpointbasis,justification

I want to have a purpose for what I'm doing. I believe that if I focus on that purpose I will be more likely to continue and follow through.  

What's my purpose you ask?  Well, I'll let my verses for 2014 answer that question.

I want this to be my purpose in ALL that I do. When I don't want to complete a task- I will remind myself I'm doing this for the Lord. What I'm tempted to do the task halfheartedly- I will remind myself to do it as if I'm doing it for the Lord. Would I only do half the job if I was doing it for Him?  I sure hope not!!

The song Do Everything by Steven Curtis Chapman is just another reminder that Everything I do should be done for HIM!

Do you have a Word, Verse or Song for 2014? If so, I'd love for you to share it below!!

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Cindy said...

For me the song "If you could see what I see" by Geoff Moore and the Distance has really struck me. It may be corny but I hear God saying those words to me. If I could see what God sees instead of looking in the mirror and putting myself down.