Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What if...

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Mama, Mama, Mama…!! Goodness gracious there are days when I honestly hate hearing that phrase over and over and over. I mean, seriously it starts to grate on my last nerve. And then I stop and think-how does Jesus feel when I constantly call His name over and over and over.

There are so many times when I’m dealing with a situation with the boys that I catch myself thinking- what if Jesus responded to me the way that I’m responding to the boys!

---What if I called on Him and He muttered under His breath “why can’t you just do it yourself”?

---What if I called on Him and He pretended not to hear me because He felt He had just about had enough of me for one day?

---What if I asked Him for help and He replied “what- do I have slave written across my forehead?”

---What if He had to tell me over and over and over to do something- would He get frustrated?

---What if I was talking to Him and he abruptly turned and walked out of the room because He’d heard enough?

---What if He got tired of my constantly asking the same questions?

---What if He decided that just for one day He was going to do nothing but pamper Himself?

---What if He chose to punish me in a way that I fully deserved?

---What if I called on Him and He answered, “ok, just give me one more minute” and it turned out to be hours?

---What if….I thank HIM everyday that there are no WHAT IF’S!!!!

What are your "what if's"


Your Mom said... can hit a nerve in your mom!!! I don't even want to think about my "what if's"...don't think He would like them at all. You are some writer, daughter of mine!!! I love you!

Smelling Coffee said...

Oh wow! What a thought provoking and convicting post! I've been missing your blog and am glad to catch up. :-)