Monday, December 22, 2008

The Unseen- I Just Don't See It!

“The Unseen” is the second book I have read by T.L. Hines. The first book “Waking Lazarus” was an intriguing book that held my attention from the first page. “The Unseen” didn’t have that same draw. Perhaps it is because the subject just did not peak my interest. I found it difficult to follow along with all the information about the urban explorers. The actual story was somewhat interesting, but the whole idea left me feeling almost violated, which I guess may have been Hines’ goal in the first place.

Lucas, the main character, is a loner who hides in buildings and spies on the inhabitants. But he soon becomes aware of a more sinister group- The Creep Club- that goes beyond simple spying and moves it to a more personal level. What follows will leave you weary to the point where you may find your hair raising every time you get “that feeling” that someone is watching you.

While I personally like the style of writers such as Ted Dekker a bit better than Hines, I will give his other books a chance before I decide against him as an author I enjoy. Be sure to check the book out at Thomas Nelson website and decide for yourself.

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TL Hines said...

Hi, Beth - Thanks for reading and reviewing. I don't think I'd say I wanted readers to feel "violated," but certainly a bit uneasy about the voyeuristic world we're in.