Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WFMW-Backwards Edition-Getting Started on Etsy

Oh, y'all are so smart I decided to post TWO WFMW- Backwards Edition questions!!

HELP!!! I want to start a store on Etsy selling purses, tote bags, purse insert organizers, etc. but I'm not real sure how to get started- other than setting up the site. I've already done the basics for that- but I need some real nitty gritty advice to help me get going!!

Are you an Esty pro? If so, share your expertise with me- PLEASE!!


Heather's Stitches said...


I have an Etsy store and the one piece of advice I was given was to take as many pics as allowed and have good lighting to show of the product. You have to list an item a day to stay on the top in order to not get left behind with the new items being listed.

I have met some great gals thru Etsy, Good Luck!

Enjoy your Day,

Erica M said...

I agree with Heather! The more pictures, the better! Learn to take quality shots, use your macro settings for close-ups/details.

Add people to your favorite sellers/items to your favorite items. A lot of folks will return the favor!

I've been told that posting regularly in the forums is a good way to drive traffic to your store, as well as set yourself up as a credible seller/expert.

I'm fishbowlsense on Etsy!

Brightonwoman said...

Increasing traffic = increasing sales (it takes something like 50-100 hits to make a sale, so work on getting more hits!
List (or relist) often, and at different times of day.
Join some street teams, and be active participating with them (that has boosted my sales a lot)
Good photos and use all the spaces--take high resolution and shrink them to fit, good lighting, multiple angles, etc. We want to feel like we handled the item before we buy it!
Ask questions in the forums!
Buy stuff on etsy--get yourself some feedback, and get good etsy karma. i'm not kidding, it really works!
Make trades--also gets feedback, and builds relationships!
Browse around and 'heart' other shops (many will heart you in return).
Post in the forums in the promotions section--I like to join the "show me your blue stuff" or "I want to see cats" type threads, and just post links of whatever items I have that fit the category.
Participate in the 'chat' feature sometimes...also a way to get your items seen.
Hold sales or giveaways. I just did a giveaway last month and got quite a bit of traffic from it. :)
Post about your shop on your blog--or start a shop blog. Link it from everywhere, put your etsy mini on your blog, talk about it all the'll bring traffic!
Feel free to contact me if I can be of any other help! I'll send ya a heart