Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's a God Thing!!

Do you ever find it amazing the way God works?? Not surprised mind you, but amazed. I KNOW He works in mysterious ways and I KNOW He can do anything- but sometimes it just amazes me how things just come together.

For example- I've really been struggling with my prayer life. I pray- or rather I "pray". Do you know what I mean? I'm talking about the type of "praying" that consists of a few "thank you"s, a few "please"s and maybe a few "If you would only"s. I know that I need to learn to do some real PRAYING!! Well here is how the Lord has been working in my life....

***I just helped start a Reading Group at our church. We held our first meeting and I came armed with a long list of books I thought we could consider reading. As I sat in the meeting talking I suddenly had a thought- "This group needs to read The Yada Yada Prayer Group book". Even though I've read that book at least 3 times - I felt drawn to it again. And as I re-read it I was reminded of the power of prayer. I loved reading about Avis and Noni and how they prayed God's word out loud many times. I was reminded of how long it has been since I was on my knees praying and how much I needed this.

***I decided to start reading a Psalm a day while doing my quiet time (and as Jodi says in the Yada Yada book-why do they call it QUIET time- we need to be praising the Lord). I've been inserting my name in the Psalms as I read them and boy is it making me more aware of the words. Sometimes I do read them out loud and that makes it even more personal to me.

***I am using the book That I May Know Him More for my daily devotions and part of the study is about how God heard the prayers of Hagar and Hannah as they cried out to Him. Some of the verses that I have studied have truly touch my heart and have opened my eyes and heart to the importance of prayer and laying it all out there for God to hear.

***And then Tuesday night I attended my first Women's Ministry Council meeting and found out that the topic of the Fall Women's Retreat is ---None other than PRAYER!!!

Yes, it's truly a God thing! I love discovering God things in my life- don't you!!

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