Friday, May 23, 2008

Things that have made me cry this week!

My goodness- it has been an emotional week here. And the weird thing is- I don't even know why. I'm not PMSing- that was 2 weeks ago. Not sure what's going on but I've been in tears several times this week. Not always bad tears- just tears.

So here's a list of what has reduced me to tears this week:

1. The season finale of House, MD (see I told you- weird)-what a testimony to love and a test of friendship.

2. Listening to Arise by Newsboys

and I Know My Redeemer Lives by Nicole C. Mullen.

3. Driving in a nasty storm to pick Mark up from baseball practice- praying the entire way there because I was so scared. Then having Mark tell me that he and his buddies said they saw God's Thumb in the clouds and they all said they knew everything would be ok.

4. This story of the death of Steve Curtis Chapman's daughter.

5. Hearing my two boys- telling each other "I love you" and "I love you too" on 3 different occasions- when going to bed, when one was going outside to play while the other was staying in and when one was leaving for baseball practice.

6. After watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and just thinking about how much I love my DH and boys. Don't really know how those two things tie in together but that is just what I was thinking about after watching the show!

Whew- maybe next week I won't need so many Kleenex to get through the week!


Katrina said...

I, too, have been deeply saddened by the Chapman family tragedy. I just can't even imagine going through that...

Sorry you've been dealing with so many tears! I had an emotional week last week, but haven't been able to articulate my reasons!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I love House, too!