Thursday, March 27, 2008

Preparing Your Fields-I'm digging deep so the seed will grow!

Fields to the left

No, I don’t plant gardens. In fact, I don’t do any type of yard work unless necessary.

I’m talking about preparing your fields for what God has in store for you.

There was a drought in the land. Two farmers prayed to God for rain, but only one went out and prepared his fields. Who do you think had greater faith?

--Facing the Giants
Have you seen the movie Facing the Giants? This movie has a wonderful message and two things really struck me and have stuck in my mind and heart since watching the movie. The first is about preparing for rain. The other I’ll write about another time.

I am not sure what it is but I really do believe that God has a very specific plan for me- something that He wants me to lead-it might be a group a church- a women’s reading group, or a Bible Study. Or it might be a prayer group for Moms of students in our elementary school- or it could be anything. I can just feel His spirit working in me and I want to be ready for whatever the task. So, I’m trying to prepare my fields for rain.

How am I doing this? I joined an online Bible study and I am reading my Bible- cover to cover in 90 days. While it may seem that there is no way you can really truly “study” the Bible when reading it that quickly-that may be true in some aspects- but in all honesty, I have drawn so much from this reading. I only have about 4 days worth of reading left and I have been amazed at how enlightened I have been during my readings. I’ve been in church all of my life and I’ve “read” the Bible a lot-although never all the way through-but this time I feel like I’m really learning.

Another way I am “preparing my fields” is through my listening to Chip Ingram and Joyce Meyer on Podcasts. I can not even begin to tell you the depth of understanding and knowledge I am drawing from these messengers of God. WOW is all I can say!!

I also have a nice stack of books-Bible study, self “help”, and spiritual growth books that I am using right now.

Whatever the task that God has ahead for me- I want to be ready. I have faith that IT is there and I know God wants me to prepare my fields so the seed will grow when it is planted!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

That's great, Beth! Now you need to stop getting ready and get to action when you do know what it is He wants you to do.

Katrina said...

What a great post, Beth. I'll pray that God makes his plan for you clear and that as you see the opportunities, you're ready to step out in faith and get to work. :)

We haven't seen Facing the Giants, but Chad just mentioned to me that he'd like to, so I'm going to add it to our Netflix queue. It looks realy good.