Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday- Reading my Bible

My tackle for today is actually an ongoing tackle. On January 2nd I began a new Bible Study where you read your Bible completely- from beginning to end- in 90 days. At first I thought there is no way I’d ever be able to accomplish this task but here it is Feb. 24th and I am more than half way through.

I have been a Christian for almost all of my life. I grew up in the church and read my Bible. I didn’t study the Bible really, I just read it. And I won’t say that right now I’m really “studying” the Bible because I’m reading A LOT everyday. But boy let me tell you I’m getting a lot out of it. I’m discovering things that I hadn’t grasped before. Things I hadn’t realized before. It’s been exciting.

I’m jumping around from one translation to another. Sometimes I read out of The Message, other times I’m using my NIV Women’s Devotional Bible, and I’ve even been reading from the NIV Kids’ Study Bible and The NIV Adventure Bible. But one thing I’m not doing is jumping around in my reading. So far I’ve done really well with keeping right on schedule with the reading. I did get a bit bogged down when reading Job and I had to just leave it for a while and go on to Psalms, but I came back and read it all.

I’m looking forward to continue this “tackle” and continuing to learn and glean new insights from this wonderful Book.

In the mean time I’ll leave you with a few things that have really meant a lot to me in my readings so far:

Moses was an extremely strong man and felt strongly about taking care of the Israelites. He continually interceded for the people, asking God to forgive them, to not punish them. When God told Moses in Numbers 27: 15-17 that he would die and would not see the Promised Land what did Moses do? Did he beg for his life? Did he plead his case before God reminding him of all that he had done? No, he asked God to place someone over the community that would lead them- someone that was a Godly man.

In 1 Kings 3:9 the Lord told Solomon that because he had been a faithful servant Solomon could for anything- what did he ask for? “Give me a God listening heart”- WOW- what a wonderful thing to desire!!! God, please give ME a God listening heart!!

In Isaiah 26:9 I learned of a strong desire for God- a desire I long to have:

9My soul yearns for you in the night;in the morning my spirit longs for you.

And in many places in Isaiah –chapter 9, chapter 11, chapter 53, chapter 63 we read about the coming of Christ! Both in His birth and His return! Oh, to read those words of prophesy and to see them come to light later in His word! What a blessing!!

And a verse that can break the heart of a Christian and hopefully stir a desire to dig deeper into the Word and into prayer: Jer. 2:32-
You women don’t forget their jewelry, do they? Brides don’t show up without their veils, do they? But my people forget me. Day after day after day they never give me a thought!!

Please come back to read more about my new found desire to spend time with God and the things I’m learning!!


Ashley said...

I really like your tackle. I have a hard time reading straight through sometimes as well. Isaiah 53 is one of my favorite passages. Thanks for posting this. You've encouraged me!

PEZmama said...

Thanks for sharing that. I just love hearing what people are learning and hearing people say that they ARE getting so much out of reading it - even this fast.

And I love that I get to "hang out" with a bunch of ladies who are committed to the Word.

Rock on. READ on!


Heather said...

This is an awesome tackle! I can imagine how much you must be reading each day. I once read the whole Bible over a year's time, and I was struck by how much more God-centered my thoughts were throughout my day during that time. This makes me realize how badly I need to get back to regular reading. Thanks for the reminder!

Luisa Perkins said...

I'm SO enjoying the tackle with you!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

That is really commendable! I'm proud of you for sticking with it.