Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paintball- Safe Mom!!

I don’t know about your boys kids but mine are dying to try playing paintball. They’ve never participated in it before but they've started talking about getting a group of boys together for their next combined birthday party and going to play paintball.

Now I don’t know much about paintball but I do know that you need to be well equipped in order to play well. And I also know that just any old paintball equipment won’t do. I’m sure they are going to want the best and they are going to want EVERYTHING! So going with tippmann a-5 or maybe Ion, Spyder or Proto Rail will be the direction we head in I'm sure!

I can just see them now, maneuvering around the field of play, probably playing Woodsball aiming for each other first- my boys are competitive that way. Of course being the good Mom that I am, they’ll be decked out in their protective gear- gloves, chest protectors, pads, pants, etc. Should I be saying "You'll put your eye out"? Nope, cause they'll be wearing their goggles too!

When I'm ready to make the dive into purchasing all of this equipment for them I know I can head over to Ultimate Paintball and get everything I need- including FREE SHIPPING! Do I hear Christmas bells ringing?

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