Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Good for Your Sole!!

Hey folks- a while back I was reading a post over at I Should be Folding Laundry and she enlightened her readers about a free shoe giveaway. That's right FREE SHOES!!! My oh my, I clicked on that ole link really quickly - registered- and promptly forgot about it!

Guess what this cutie pie Fed Ex fella brought to my door this afternoon??

Yes siree Bob (and everyone else reading) I got a brand spanking new FREE pair of sneakers! I was so excited. I quickly e-mail Beth at I Should be Folding Laundry and thanked her for the info. And I was just saying to DH the other day how I needed a new pair of sneakers!!

So now I'm sharing it with you! Get yourself over to Ryka and register to win a free pair of shoes. Think you don't have a chance? How about these odds! Until Oct. 25th they are giving away 50 pair of sneakers and 50 performance tees EVERYDAY!! Yes, I said EVERYDAY!!! So don't waste any time- get right over there!!!

Be sure to list your shoe size as 1/2 size larger than what you normally wear. I somehow missed that little note and mine are a bit tight!!


jodi said...

Aren't they awesome??? I won a pair too and I just LOVE them!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

That is so cool!!

Anonymous said...

Just registered to win - maybe I'll be surprised!

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

If you do register be sure to list your size as 1/2 size LARGER! I didn't see that little note and mine are a bit tight. I'm thinking of taking them to a shoe repair place to see if they can stretch them.