Monday, August 6, 2007

How to get TWO FREE Oil Changes at Wal-Mart

Guess what I discovered today? I found that there is a way to get not one but TWO FREE oil changes at your local Wal-Mart.

Honest, it's really pretty easy! Just follow these easy instructions:

  • Take vehicle to the Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Express (also known as TLE) and request an oil change- be sure to get the All Point Service- you do want to get your moneys worth.

  • Ask the attendant how long you will have to wait- you do need to shop while you are there- you've planned carefully.- A hour wait- that seems pretty reasonable- not too hard to kill an hour at Wally World.

  • Take your time while shopping- give them a few extra minutes just in case things get a little busy.

  • Return to TLE department to inquire about your vehicle- is it ready yet? How much longer might the wait be?

  • Try to hide your amazement when you are told your vehicle is actually ready for you.

  • Stand patiently at TLE counter while check out associate locates your paper work and begins searching for your key.

  • Shift from one foot to the other- still patiently- as said associate begins to frantically search for your key.

  • Listen as associate speaks to 4 other associates who all then begin searching for your key.

  • Continue to remain calm as one associate states that he gave your key to another associate who has apparently LEFT FOR HIS LUNCH BREAK

  • Notice the sympathetic looks that other customers are beginning to give you.

  • Listen as associates begin paging the IDIOT associate that has walked out of Wal-Mart with your key in his pocket.

  • Listen as that same associate is called on his cell phone and realize he's not going to answer because he is on his lunch break.

  • Begin to feel a bit of panic as you realize you may never see your key again.

  • Listen as the locksmith is called and you are told he can be there in ONE AND A HALF to TWO HOURS and make a new key for you.

  • Take purchases out to your car, unload them and tell associates where they can shove the key when they find it that you are going to get a bite to eat and will be back shortly.

  • Return to the TLE department after a delicious lunch at Blimpe -receive your key back as the friggin' idiot associate that had your key in his pocket walks by laughing as another associate asks him about the key.

  • Remain as polite as possible- smile- and gladly accept the paperwork for your FREE current oil change and next FREE oil change!!!

Maybe I'm just a sucker polite southern girl- but they had best be glad I took my Lexapro this morning!!!!!!


MB said...

Girl, i would have been LIVID! even with the lexapro! hahahaha!

Lori said...

No way! I would have ALSO handed them my Blimpie receipt and had them reiumburse me for lunch!

2 FREE oil changes is better than nothin' - but the smirk on the employee's face would have done me in.

jodi said...

OMG...I hate confrontation, but I don't know that I could have been very polite. Especially since I probably would have had 2 kids with me and melting ice cream! And I'm with Lori, my lunch would have been on them!!!

Brea said...

OH MY WORD!!! What a day! Sounds like you handled it really well -- thank the good Lord for meds! :)

Katrina said...

Oh Beth, you poor thing! What a rotten experience. I'm glad you got something free out of the deal, but still... that stinks.