Monday, July 2, 2007

They like me! They really like me!!

Well, at least Jodi likes me! She nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! I'm so excited!! I'm new to blogging and I am really enjoying not only having a place to express my thoughts but also I LOVE reading all the other blogs. In fact, my days often become consumed with reading other blogs!! Yikes- I gotta get this under control! LOL
So now it's my turn to nominate 5 other awesome Rockin' Girl Bloggers! A couple of these I've been cyber friends with for almost 9 years and we've actually met in person as well(I'll have to blog about that sometime)! Others are my new friends through blogging!!
So (drum roll please)- here are my nominations:
1. Katrina at Callipidder Days- She's the one that started the blog reading for me!!! Thanks Katrina- she's also one of my 9 yr. 11mom buddies!
2. Lori at Lori's Comfort Zone- the name alone is inviting!! I love reading her baseball stories (gosh I wonder why??) She's also another of my 11mom friends!!
3. Jennifer at Snapshot- she and I are two of the original 11moms and I love her thoughtfulness!!
4. Kathrine at Raising Five - my goodness she's raising five kids and still has enough of a mind left to write such wonderful posts!!! Of course she rocks!!
5. And last but not least check out BooMama- cause good golly can that woman make me laugh!!!
You Rock Ladies!!!!!


Lori said...

Wow Beth - thank you so much!

Can you believe it has been almost 9 years?! We should all post about it on the same day - when we do decide to... just think about all the memories!

Katrina said...

Thanks, Beth! I'm so glad you started blogging and I agree with Jodi that you rock! :)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Hey, thanks!! I'm with Lori. I'd be up for doing our own little "carnival" with posting about online support. That would be cool.

I'm glad that Jodi nominated you. Welcome to blog-love!

BooMama said...

Thank you so much! Right now I'm battling writer's block and am relatively confident that I'll never be able to make you laugh again - but if nothing else I'll be able to look back on this sweet award and remember when at least one person thought I was rockin'. :-)

Have a great 4th!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Yes, you ROCK! Congratulations!

I´d love to hear the story of your cyber friendship. Are you in with Katrina and Jennifer? Who else is in your little club?

Thanks for thinking of me. I´m glad you´re blogging, too!