Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

I wasn't sure what I was going to tackle today until I was reading I'm An Organizing Junkie this morning. A reader had posted about needing to do something about the pile of shoes by their door. Boing- the light bulb went off! YES, that's what I need to tackle.

My oh my, the shoes are multiplying!!! Yikes, I've got to do something about this mess! We have a laundry basket that we put shoes in but then you have to dig through it to find what we want and that makes the mess even worse!! Then add the two college baseball players that are living with us to the mix and the shoes get bigger and take up even more room! I need to do somethign about this mess!!!

So here is the before picture. I'm going shopping today to find something to help out! Hopefully I can post an after later today!!!

Ok, I'm finished! I bought the storage caddy at Target for $19.99. It's made out of a sturdy poly material and I just had to snap the pieces together. They had other ones but this one worked fine. The only problem is the holes aren't big enough for the bigger guys shoes (they're size 13 and 14) so I could only put one shoe in each hole but that's fine. It looks so much better! Take a look!


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Good luck on your Tackles today!

I have shoes in every corner of my house. HEE HEE!


mistihollrah said...

Good luck on your tackle. I have a big basket that sets by my door & once a week, I have everyone retrieve their shoes & put them away.

Org Junkie said...

Wow, can't wait to see what you find!!! Looks like you have a nice wall there to put something too.

Good luck,

Brea said...

Ooooh, looks good! Great job, Beth!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

oh wow - good work!

Org Junkie said...

I had to come back to take a peek. Looks so much better. Hope it makes life easier for you too!