Monday, June 25, 2007

Menu 6/25

First of all, I have to tell a story about last weeks Meatloaf Muffins- here is the recipe (I cut it in half though)

Now keep in mind that I've made this meatloaf recipe 2 other times but as a regular meatloaf-not muffins and the kids hated it- ate one bite and that was it.

We're leaving the pool around 3:00 and Mark asks what we're having for dinner. My response "I'm making MEATBALL muffins", Mark- "Ew nasty- meatloaf muffins". "No", I say, "Meatball muffins not meatloaf muffins". Nothing else is said about dinner. So I make the meatLOAF recipe and put it in mini muffins. I serve them for dinner and Mark eats six of them and Luke eats 5. Then Mark tells me that the meatBALL muffins are so much better than the meatloaf was! So- I guess a little white lie is ok!!!

Monday- out to dinner with DH

Tuesday- whatever- kids are out of town

Wednesday-hot dogs, mac and cheese (grilled portabella for me)

Thursday- grilled chicken marinated in Sun Dried tomato dressing

Friday-dinner at the ball field


Brea said...

Yum, I might have to try the meatloaf/meatball muffins!! Do you make them with ground beef or ground turkey?

Joyful Days said...

I can't imagine how to cook without the boys!! Have fun. Nice menu!!