Monday, June 18, 2007

I Couldn't Get Conneted-in more ways than one!!

Ever have one of those days when you were having trouble getting connected through your computer? You know, you're trying to get your e-mail and you see the lovely little hourglass, and it stays there and stays there and nothing happens. You see the words "downloading your e-mail" but nothing shows up! You wait and wait and still nothing!!

I was having one of those days today. I kept trying over and over to check my e-mail. I started getting really frustrated. I'd shut the computer down and start all over- still nothing. Finally I did a search through "help" and it suggested I clean out my temporary files and clear my history. I'm usually pretty good and doing that periodically but evidently it had been a while. So I do what it suggested. I shut the internet down and start over- Voila-I'm connected quickly and my e-mail loads flawlessly!

And then I start thinking- this is so much like my time with God. Sometimes I feel so disconnected. I just feel like things aren't getting through. It's like I'm not getting the messages I so dearly need. I get frustrated and nothing goes right. Then I have to stop and go to the source for the help I need. I need to delete those temporary files from my life and clear out my history. I then I need to shut down and start over again. Just like I had to do with my e-mail today.

So I did that- I pulled out that devotion book that I'd been planning to start a month ago- Praying for Purpose for Women. I read day two (I actually started a while back and never got any further than day one-no wonder I don't feel connected). Todays discussion was about consequences that you've faced because of life choices you've made- wham- it hit home again- I wasn't doing what I needed to so that I could be connected with Him and I was facing the consequences. It wasn't the computers fault that I couldn't get connected to get my messages, it was my own fault for not taking care of what needed to be taken care of. It wasn't God's fault that I wasn't connecting to Him, it was my own fault because I wasn't taking care of what needed to be taken care of.

And just so He made sure to drive the point home- here is the prayer that was at the end of today's discussion:

Dear Lord my God, so that my iniquities do not separate me from you; so that my sins will not cause you to hide your face from me and not hear me I, (insert your name), want to tell you how sorry I am for my sins. Please forgive me today and shower me with unmerited grace. Thank you that you, as my good and loving Father, discipline me. Help me grow more than I could ever imagine through consequences that are sent by or allowed by you. Only you offer freedom, healing, hope, and a secure future-before, during, and after the necessary consequences. And, for those consequences I have faced that were not caused by sin in my life, thank you for seeing me through.

Isn't it amazing how God can use something as trivial as connecting to your e-mail to wake you up and shake you up!!!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Yes, it is amazing, and what is troubling to me is that I am usually more concerned about missing out on email than missing out on time with God!!

Katrina said...

Great post, Beth. I love how God uses those everyday-things to get through to us, to remind us of how much we need to connect to Him!